Moscow, December 2006

1. "On the Waves of Our Memories" (Moscow Times)

The exhibition is made up of glassed-off cubicles that recreate interiors ranging from a '30s communal apartment to a dormitory room at Moscow State University. Separate cases display specialized collections of jewelry, perfume bottles and even candy wrappers... The dormitory room from Moscow State University... includes a poster for the 1957 youth festival, a flirty synthetic dress and even a telephone.

Historical Museum, 1/2 Red Square. Metro Okhotny Ryad. Tel. 692-4019

2. Presents with 10 Experiences inside (

For those who still don't have time to get the NY presents.
10 Moscow experiences in each box and a ticket to get one of them by an owner's choice.
They deliver the next day.

Two comments in twenty two minutes

You must be one of the most stupid bastards I have ever had the misfortune to
come across. It is not even funny. It is a load of stupid unfunny crap, anyway
how could you see anything with your head so far up your own arse?

My Russian Friend Tanya thinks you are great so evidently I am the one with his
head up his arse:-)
Andryusha yet again

The first video that shows some true Russian reality

This is a great Basement Jaxx video that lacks some precision though:
Russans don't always dance in red pants and I doubt bears can dance like that.

Comments from some Russians that didn't pass casting for the video:
"you are stupid americans who think that earth is flat and
who do not know the differens between Iran and Iraq. you arn`t able to
distinguish Russian from Ukrainian. it`s better for you to eat your hamburgers
and keep your fat asses from russian nuclear bombs. KGB is still watching
after you!"

“Everything Russian” Photo Contest

It may sound odd but many locals still take pictures using hand-made prehistoric
cameras and print them themselves in abandoned ex-KGB laboratories. To encourage
the development of local photography, I've decided to organize a permanent
photocontest on my website, Discover the Russia You Never Knew,
that will give due attention to pictures that symbolize the very essence
of Russia as we think we know it.

At the moment I would like to find more photos that could give an insight to understanding the Russian Mystery.
Your proposals for the contest are welcome to!

Linguistic Football & Jugglery

Hello, my faithful readers! I have to say I haven't been the most prolific writer as of late,
and I do apologize.  In recent weeks I've been glued to the TV, watching the World Cup championship. 
Watching soccer - or football, as people call it here - got me thinking about all things related,
such as why do Russians call t-shirts "footballkas."

What do you know, I figured it out! And while I was at it, I also solved the mystery
of other Russian apparel, such as "baseballkas," "basketballkas," and "volleyballkas." 

Read the whole story at my website, Discover the Russia You Never Knew.