Greg McNafferson (mcnafferson) wrote,
Greg McNafferson

Moscow, December 2006

1. "On the Waves of Our Memories" (Moscow Times)

The exhibition is made up of glassed-off cubicles that recreate interiors ranging from a '30s communal apartment to a dormitory room at Moscow State University. Separate cases display specialized collections of jewelry, perfume bottles and even candy wrappers... The dormitory room from Moscow State University... includes a poster for the 1957 youth festival, a flirty synthetic dress and even a telephone.

Historical Museum, 1/2 Red Square. Metro Okhotny Ryad. Tel. 692-4019

2. Presents with 10 Experiences inside (

For those who still don't have time to get the NY presents.
10 Moscow experiences in each box and a ticket to get one of them by an owner's choice.
They deliver the next day.

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